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Easy, Flexible Access to Pléiades Neo Data

Now available on UP42

Pléiades Neo

Gain deeper insights with 30cm native resolution and faster data delivery

  • Higher precision imagery with 30cm resolution
  • Acquisition capacity of 2 million km2 per day
  • Brand new spectral bands for richer insights

What We Offer

API-first ordering process

API-first ordering process

UP42 offers a truly developer-first platform for your needs. Leverage REST APIs to fully automate your ordering and delivery process.

Scalable infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure

By using the UP42 platform, you can leverage our scalable infrastructure to automate your analysis and quickly grow your business.

Flexible, pay-per-use pricing model

Flexible, pay-per-use pricing model

Our pay-per-use pricing model is simple and transparent, and lets you easily make purchases based on your AOI size.

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Unlock New Growth Opportunities

Monitor critical infrastructure

With twice-daily imaging and 30cm native resolution, infrastructure solution providers can keep a close eye on high-value assets, detecting change and yielding actionable insights.

Mitigate risk and identify opportunities

The flexible API-first ordering process combined with rapid data acquisition allows emergency preparedness groups and insurance companies to quickly respond to unplanned events.

Map urban areas and surfaces

Map densely populated urban landscapes with more accuracy by leveraging very high-resolution imagery. Generate highly accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with stereo imaging.

Track maritime activity

With the new Deep Blue band that penetrates the water column, get advanced insights on depth and water quality. Twice-daily imaging ensures effective port traffic monitoring while very high-resolution improves ship detection.

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