Earth observation for the benefit of all

"The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, is 42." - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Our Purpose

We’re granting access to capabilities that were previously out of reach

We are UP42, a group of diverse experts and ambitious change makers. We believe that the most effective way to solve pressing issues on Earth is by going up, so we want to get geospatial data and analytics into the right hands, as quickly and easily as possible.

From precision agriculture and climate change to infrastructure monitoring and disaster response, we grant developers and innovative organizations with access to the right geospatial information and tools, all in one platform, for better decisions.

Making an impact and making it count is our company's very essence.

  • We empower our customers and partners to make an impact on their business
  • We strive to make an impact on society, the economy, and the environment
  • We innovate to make an impact on the geospatial industry

Our Culture

A culture of welcoming affinity

Our culture is one of belonging, where everyone feels welcomed and differences are celebrated, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or religion.

At UP42, we care about more than technical and functional capabilities: our benefits cover physical and mental health to ensure a balanced personal and professional life.

Our hybrid working mode allows for flexible hours and working space, where employees can choose between the tranquility of their homes or an energized conversation with their teammates in the office.


Our office

Born in 2019 in Kreuzberg, Berlin, UP42 is housed in the red-brick Umspannwerk, a former factory on the Landwehr Canal that now hosts startups, coworking spaces, and restaurants.

Kreuzberg offers a variety of cultural and natural experiences, with trendy restaurants and cafés, flea markets, art galleries and museums, parks and cycling routes, and of course, Berlin’s iconic canals.

UP42’s office is well connected to the rest of the city through public transit (The U1, U8, and several bus routes) and within walking distance of the historic East Side Gallery and Wall Museum.

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Visit us

On the Landwehr Canal

Umspannwerk Kreuzberg
Ohlauer Str 43, Berlin

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