UP42 processing

Get actionable insights from your data at scale

Enhance geospatial data and use processing algorithms, all in one platform.

Enhance image resolution, detect objects like trees or buildings, and much more.

Processing at scale

Processing at scale

We simplify parameter configurations and let you process as many STAC items as you want—it only takes a couple of steps.

Cost transparency

Cost transparency

We leverage STAC to improve validation and give you compatibility and price estimates early in the decision-making process.

Focus on usability

Focus on usability

Process any order delivery and access the output in your data management. Easily trace your workflow from order to processed output.

Advanced enhancement capabilities

Transform geospatial assets into analysis-ready data through enhancement capabilities such as upsampling and pansharpening.

Upsampling 13

Analytics algorithms from leading providers

Extract insights, patterns, or predictions from your data. Use standardized processing algorithms for change or object detection, and much more.

02 Processing

Enhanced reliability

Monitor progress and verify your processing job and output visually on a map. The end output is stored in your data management component, making it easier to use the data for your downstream use case.

Job results pansharpening example

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