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We offer credit-based pricing that is transparent and flexible (100 credits are equivalent to €1). The Professional plan unlocks full access to the UP42 platform, and lets you get started straight away with up to 10,000 free credits.

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With the Discovery plan, you can quickly start exploring the UP42 platform. The Professional plan unlocks full access to our platform, enabling you to access the leading commercial geospatial data and analytics.

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Discovery plan

Register and explore the UP42 platform with the Discovery plan.

  • Discover the UP42 platform
  • Invite collaborators from your team
  • Access open geospatial data

Professional plan

Order and process geospatial data for your business with the Professional plan. You can start placing orders easily with up to 10,000 free credits.

  • Access all commercial data
  • Access open geospatial data
  • Process geospatial data
  • Invite collaborators from your team
  • Receive priority customer support


Pick and choose from a variety of satellite data sources. Whether it’s radar, optical, or daily coverage. Every data source has its own credit cost per km2, tile or MB listed upfront.



Select and apply ready-to-use processing algorithms to extract useful insights from data. Every processing algorithm has its own cost and capability. Change and object detection, pansharpening, co-registration, and more.



Storage space and CPU usage is used to power your data & processing. Our flexible infrastructure means you pay based on demand and usage.

Example pricing

Watershed for 18 million people under attack

Simularity created a workflow to monitor changes within a 0.44km² area of the Mount Balagbag watershed region. They accessed satellite imagery and analyzed it quickly and simply. What would normally be resource-intensive and time-consuming took just a few minutes with UP42.

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