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The easiest way to build geospatial solutions

UP42 is a developer platform and marketplace, offering all the building blocks for powerful, scalable geospatial products.

Developer Platform

The building blocks for your application

We remove the barriers to successful geospatial product building by providing everything you need to create and embed Earth insights into your application.

  • Access a wide array of Earth Observation data
  • Leverage best-in-class geospatial algorithms
  • Build with confidence on our infrastructure

Create geospatial products in 3 steps

01. Choose data

01. Choose data

Choose from wide range of high resolution commercial and open satellite data, aerial, AIS, weather and many other data types.

02. Process and analyze

02. Process and analyze

Apply best-in-class machine learning algorithms or processing modules, such as quality enhancement, to turn your data into insights.

03. Embed into your application

03. Embed into your application

Our platform is truly API-first. Automate your analysis and integrate your insights into your application, all on our scalable infrastructure.

Up42 Platform

Simplified analytics workflows

Our data and algorithms are already structured, prepared, and packaged. Simply build your analytics workflows, choose your AOI, and run your analysis.

Reliable, scalable infrastructure

Whether you're training geospatial algorithms or consuming satellite imagery for a whole country, our infrastructure has you covered. Choose your data and analytics. We'll do the rest.

Open API and Python SDK

As you move from testing to production, you need a platform that scales. Automate your workflows, parallelize your jobs, and integrate insights into your applications through our APIs.

Platform Integrate

Use cases

Geospatial experts build with UP42

"UP42 offers us a whole new way to deliver new space solutions to our clients. By providing us with easy access to high-quality geospatial data, we can run our code, receive results, and scale up our processes. With AOI based access and price transparency, UP42 is democratizing access to geospatial data and the potential applications are endless."

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Daniel Seidel, Co-Founder Live EO

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