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Data and Analytics Platform

  • Multiple data sources

    Multiple data sources give us a richer picture of the planet. We’ve curated recent and historical data from high-resolution satellites, drones, and IoT devices for you to pick and choose from.

  • Ready-to-use analytics

    Discover the story behind the image. Save time writing code and use off-the-shelf processing algorithms to turn your imagery into insights. Identify objects, detect change, spot trends, and monitor regions.

  • Scale as you go

    We do the heavy lifting for you. Our scalable infrastructure enables you to combine different data and processing algorithms. Easily scale and save time, money, and resources.

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Find the data source or analytics tool you need


Our growing marketplace of data sources and processing algorithms enables you to build, automate, and scale your projects quickly and easily.

Key features

Platform and API

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Create your workflows

Data and processing algorithms are the building blocks of UP42. Pick and choose these from our marketplace and put together a workflow in minutes.

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Developer-centric tools

Our well-documented public API gives you the tools to integrate your existing infrastructure with our platform. Developers can access the same powerful tools to create workflows, upload custom code, and discover actionable insights.

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Discover actionable insights

Instantly transform data into insights. Easily configure, monitor, and manage your workflows and run jobs that detect change. UP42 is designed so that you can find out what you need, when you need it.

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Upload custom code

Make UP42 your own. Don’t see the analytics tool you’re looking for? Upload your own code and create workflows tailored to your needs. We run your data and algorithms in an isolated environment—ensuring your IP is secure.

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Solutions Hub

Tailored partner insights in the Solutions Hub

Industry specific, ready-to-use partner solutions and thematic services can be explored in our Solutions Hub. Find anything from agriculture, to insurance and more.

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What industry leaders say about UP42


LiveEO uses use space technology to improve life on earth.

“UP42 offers us a whole new way to deliver new space solutions to our clients. By providing us with easy access to high-quality geospatial data, we can run our code, receive results, and scale up our processes. With AOI based access and price transparency, UP42 is democratizing access to geospatial data and the potential applications are endless.”

Daniel Seidel

Co-Founder, LiveEO

Simularity’s flagship product AIADS uses Artificial Intelligence and historical context to analyze satellite images and monitor assets.

“This is the platform I’ve been looking for since I started working in this industry."

Ray Richardson

CTO, Simularity

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