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Satellite data for faster, better disaster response

Rohini Sampoornam Swaminathan

Rohini Sampoornam Swaminathan is the Head of Geospatial Support Unit at the UN World Food Programme. She focuses on geospatial applications in Disaster Risk Reduction, environmental management, international development, food security and health. In this episode, Rohini talks about her journey to Earth observation.

Empowering women to unlock geospatial technology

Olive Powell

Olive Powell is Head of Geography and Geospatial at the UK's Office for National Statistics, a chartered geographer (GIS), and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. In this episode, she shares her journey as a co-founder and Director of Women+ in Geospatial and her views on diversity and untapped potential in the industry.

CAPTCHAs, machine learning and full motion videos

Ron Hagensieker

Dr. Ron Hagensieker is the founder of osir.io and a professional dedicated to experimental applications at the intersection of AI and EO, research, and engineering. In this episode, Ron presents his most recent activities such as CAPTCHAs for EO, video data from EO satellites, and generative AI for EO.

Standards as the foundation of data ecosystems.

Nadine Alameh

Dr Nadine Alameh is Open Geospatial Consortium’s CEO, an appointed member of the U.S. National Geospatial Advisory Committee, and a board member of the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management – Private Sector Network. In this episode, Nadine highlights the role of standards in integrating data for unique EO applications.

Geobusiness, women in GIS, mentorship and more.

Cyhana Williams

Cyhana is a UX Researcher with Microsoft and Co-Founder of African Women in GIS (AWiGIS). AWiGIS is an online community for African women worldwide who study, work or are enthusiasts about the geospatial industry. In this episode, she shared her experience working with geospatial data in her community.

Changing the conversation in the geospatial industry

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