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Centralize your geospatial data management.

Store, access, and organize your data in one place

A seamless solution to work with large volumes of data

Data storage can be messy, often leading to inefficiencies, errors, and costs when operating at scale. UP42 storage provides a centralized place for data management with easy access to your data. It unifies datasets originating from archive and tasking orders across different providers, so you can seamlessly integrate the data you need into your workflows.

Storage image: Filter by Source Functionality

Improve the way you manage your geospatial data

  • Give data custom attributes such as titles and tags for improved project alignment
  • Search for a specific asset property or create a consolidated view of your assets through sort and filter operations
  • List assets with their metadata and their geospatial attributes
  • Access data ordered on an individual account level or a wider enterprise level

STAC-compatible endpoints for all geospatial assets

UP42 provides a STAC API endpoint for data searches in UP42 storage. STAC enables a strong foundation for exploring data from different providers, downstream integrations, web portals, visualization, and more.

STAC assets

A cloud-native asset model standardizing assets in storage

The cloud-native asset model (CNAM) converts raster data into cloud optimized GeoTIFFS (COGs) and vector mask files into GeoJSONs to enable easier integrations. The benefit: you can easily search for and work with the data without having to understand different formats and naming conventions, and most importantly: without having to download a compressed file first. Just stream or download the part of the file you need.

  "assets": {
    "mgag5ui3_IMG_PHR1A_MS_202208080011285_SEN_6452562101-2_R1C1.JP2": {
      "href": "",
      "title": "Multispectral data",
      "type": "image/tiff; application=geotiff; profile=cloud-optimized",
      "roles": ["data", "multispectral"],
      "gsd": 0.7283,
      "eo:bands": [
          "name": "blue",
          "common_name": "blue",
          "center_wavelength": 0.47,
          "full_width_half_max": 0.07
          "name": "green",
          "common_name": "green",
          "center_wavelength": 0.47,
          "full_width_half_max": 0.07
          "name": "red",
          "common_name": "red",
          "center_wavelength": 0.665,
          "full_width_half_max": 0.038

View asset scenes and details

View multi-scene deliveries like stereo, tri-stereo, tiled and temporal data using the scene list view. Validate the geometries delivered for your order and integrate assets by using the adapted SDK/ API code snippet.

PNEO storage multiscene

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Improve the way you manage your geospatial data

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