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UP42 catalog

Order archive geospatial data from multiple providers

Discover a wide selection of providers, see their coverage, and download sample data through a single touchpoint.

Find the right imagery for your use case

Access optical satellite, SAR, aerial, and elevation data through a single touchpoint.

Order archive imagery

Define your AOI by searching for a location, drawing a polygon, or uploading a file. Specify acquisition date range and maximum cloud coverage. See availability in real time and get image previews for all products. Place and monitor your order, download your assets, and process them: on our platform, or externally.

Console example preview P-NEO

Scale your operations

Place hundreds, or even thousands of orders a day. Integrating a new product will take you around 3 seconds. Just use the data product and image IDs: the same set of ordering parameters apply to all providers.

Near Space Labs example

 "dataProduct": "7131f727-cdbb-46d4-a1e7-77ac38b7bd02",
 "params": {
   "id": "20190829T172134Z_1374_POM1_ST2_P"

You also need to order fresh data?

We've got you. Use our tasking interface to place orders from multiple data providers through a single touchpoint. Simplify cross-sensor satellite tasking to increase total capture for your project.

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Multiple ways to access UP42

Python SDK

Use UP42 Python library with classes and methods for accessing the platform


Use our interface to place archive and tasking orders, and access them via storage

ESRI ArcGIS Pro add-in

Use your GIS of choice

The UP42 catalog works seamlessly with ArcGIS Pro so you can search for, order, and analyze imagery, directly from your ArcGIS Pro account.

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Example use cases

Start building with UP42

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