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The developer platform for Earth insights

UP42 provides the infrastructure of an enterprise platform with all the flexibility of the command line, enabling you to create geospatial insights at scale.

Designed for developers

From idea to insight in 16 lines of code

UP42 makes it easier than ever to access and analyze open and commercial Earth Observation data while maintaining all the flexibility and interoperability of an open API.

  • API-first platform
  • Flexible pricing
  • Data science tools
  • Python SDK
  • Infrastructure
  • Secure environment
import up42
up42.authenticate(project_id="12345", project_api_key="12345")

project = up42.initialize_project()
workflow = project.create_workflow(name="Cars", use_existing=True)

parameter = workflow.construct_parameters(
    geometry=[13.488775, 52.49456, 13.491544, 52.495167],

job = workflow.run_job(input_parameters=parameters, track_status=True)

Build with up42

UP42 makes it easier for you to build bespoke geospatial products

Search across data sources

Find the data you need by searching across data types based on your date range, cloud cover, and more.

Choose your desired location

Select the area of interest required for your product. Purchase and pay for only your chosen AOI.


Workflows and jobs

Build your analytics templates

Combine data and processing blocks from the UP42 marketplace to easily build analytics workflows.

Run your analysis

Trigger your analysis in the console or via API and receive your data and the results as a GeoTIFF.


Custom Blocks and up42 API

Use your own data or algorithms

Easily integrate your own data and algorithms into the platform, to augment and enrich your analysis.

Access results in your product

Feed your analysis into your custom-built products via our API, utilizing our intuitive, accessible Python SDK.



Discover and access Earth Observation data



From satellite and aerial imagery to weather data, our marketplace offers a range of varied open and commercial data sets.

Catalog search

Search for data based on key requirements, such as AOI, cloud cover, and date range to find exactly the archive data you're looking for.

Bespoke tasking service

Bespoke tasking service

Do you need SPOT or Pléiades imagery for a specific location and time? We manage the entire tasking process to deliver the data you need.


Leverage best-in-class geospatial algorithms

Pre-processing blocks

Enhance image quality, convert input data, or clip raster images into tiles to create Analysis Ready Data (ARD) to feed your algorithms.

Indices, bandmath, and statistical blocks

Analyze crop health with EVI and NDVI; or map the impact of environmental changes, such as flooding or burnt areas, in your area of interest.

Machine-learning blocks

Pick from a range of object identification, area classification, change detection, and vertical-specific algorithms to suit your specific requirements.

Your own algorithms

Would you like to use your own algorithms with data and infrastructure from the UP42 platform? No problem. You can even choose to sell those algorithms in our marketplace.

Platform Image Agriculture

Make the UP42 infrastructure your own




Leveraging the power of cloud computing, our system can scale up or down, parallelizing where necessary, to ensure you received insights in a timely manner.



All your analysis is conducted within a containerized environment, ensuring that your intellectual property remains your own.



Enterprise customers around the globe have put our infrastructure through its paces. Build your geospatial products on our infrastructure - it can handle it.



We don't limit what is possible with UP42. You can take the building blocks that we provide and tailor them to your own unique requirements through our API.

Build it your way

Start building with UP42

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