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UP42 provides the infrastructure of an enterprise platform with all the flexibility of the command line, enabling you to create geospatial insights at scale.

Designed for developers

From idea to insight in 16 lines of code

UP42 makes it easier than ever to access and analyze open and commercial Earth observation data, while maintaining maximum flexibility and interoperability.

  • API-first platform
  • Best-in-class data
  • Flexible pricing
  • Python SDK support
  • Scalable infrastructure
import up42
up42.authenticate(project_id=12345, project_api_key=12345)

workflow=project.create_workflow(name="Cars", use_existing=True)
input_tasks=['oneatlas-pleiades-aoiclipped', 'sm-veh-detection']

    geometry=[13.488775, 52.49356, 13.491544, 52.495167],

job=workflow.run_job(input_parameters=input_par, track_status=True)

Build with up42

UP42 makes it easy to create geospatial solutions

UP42 data

Archive data from the world’s leading providers

A collection of archive data from the top geospatial data providers, including Airbus, Head Aerospace, Capella Space, and more.

Programmatic access with API

Use the UP42 API to search for, order, and deliver archive geospatial imagery.


UP42 tasking

Unified tasking across multiple providers

Placing complex orders involving data from multiple constellations can get complicated. Our unified tasking interface and APIs let you bypass all of this complexity.

Guidance from geospatial experts

Over the years, we’ve gained major expertise in handling tasking operations. Our team will provide guidance based on your use case and budget requirements.


UP42 analytics

Use your own data or algorithms

Easily integrate your own data and algorithms into the platform, to augment and enrich your analysis.

Access results in your product

Feed your analysis into your custom-built products via API, or utilize our Python SDK.


Multiple ways to access UP42



An easy-to-use interface lets you quickly search for new imagery, place tasking orders, and access your orders via storage.

API collections

API collections

We offer a comprehensive collection of APIs that lets you easily integrate UP42 data into your existing pipelines.

Python SDK

Python SDK

Looking for something Python-based? Access and explore UP42's data and processing offerings through our Python SDK.

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