High resolution satellite data

Access high precision imagery starting with 30 cm resolution

Simplified access to satellite data

UP42 gives you access to very high resolution commercial satellite imagery from different suppliers, together in one place. Sign up and use the catalog search to browse through historical images. Or task a satellite today through our intuitive tasking interface.


Why use UP42 to purchase satellite data?

01. Pay only for your chosen AOI

We have one unified platform for purchasing data. Select the area of interest and pay only for your chosen AOI.

02. It's tailored to your needs

You can configure your order with parameters such as geometric filters, date range, cloud coverage, zoom level, intersects, and many more. What matters is that you get exactly what you need.

03. Enhance image quality with machine-learning algorithms

With UP42, you can combine data with processing algorithms. Enhance the definition by applying a dedicated high-definition algorithm such as pansharpening or high resolution.

04. Bespoke tasking service

Do you need fresh imagery for a specific time and location? We manage the entire tasking process to deliver the data you need.

Thanks to the catalog search, you can search through multiple data sources and select the best match for your project.

06. Access via API or SDK

Fully automate your data pipelines with our API & our Python SDK to minimize manual effort.