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Fund your project using ESA’s Network of Resources (NoR)

Get up to €5000 in funding for your UP42 projects with NoR

What is NoR?

The NoR is an ESA initiative to facilitate the use of cloud environments, sponsoring the use of commercial platform resources. UP42 is now available as a service provider on the NoR discovery portal, empowering organizations to easily order, access, and analyze geospatial data through the UP42 platform.

You can apply for NoR sponsoring for geospatial-related research or projects that do not create revenue.

  • Research
  • Educational
  • Pre-commercial
  • NGO/ NPO
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Unlock new opportunities with UP42

Discover the right data

Access data from top providers such as Airbus, Hexagon, Head Aerospace, exactEarth, Capella Space, and more.

Use off-the-shelf algorithms

Apply best-in-class pre-processing, machine learning, statistical, and other geospatial algorithms.

Bring your own algorithms

Integrate your own algorithms into the platform to further enrich and augment your analytics.

Get started with NoR

Fill in the application

Fill in the application

Go to NoR and search for the UP42 listing, fill out the Sponsorship Wizard, sign the PDF, and send it to [email protected]. Successful applicants will then receive a voucher for UP42 data and algorithms.

Create a dedicated account

Create a dedicated account

Our customer support team will help you set up a dedicated account and notify you when credits have been allocated. In case of any questions, please contact us directly at [email protected].

Restrictions apply

Restrictions apply

The sponsporship is limited to €5000 per user. Commercial and operational usage, as well as data download, are not permitted.

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