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UP42 gives you access to very high resolution commercial satellite imagery from different suppliers, together in one marketplace. Sign up and use the catalog search to browse through historical images. Or get in touch with us to commission a satellite.


Why use UP42 to purchase satellite imagery?

01. Pay only for your chosen AOI

We have one unified model for purchasing data. Select the area of interest and pay only for your chosen AOI.

02. It is tailored to your needs

You can configure your order with parameters such as geometric filters, date range, cloud coverage, zoom level, intersects, and many others. What matters is that you get exactly what you need.

03. You can enhance image quality with machine-learning algorithms

With UP42, you can combine data with processing algorithms. Enhance the definition by applying a dedicated high-definition algorithm such as Pan-Sharpening or High-Resolution.

04. Bespoke tasking service

Do you need SPOT or Pleiades imagery for a specific location and time? We manage the entire tasking process to deliver the data you need.

Thanks to the Catalog Search, you can search through multiple data sources and select the best match for your project.

06. Access via API

As you move from prototyping to production, our Python SDK makes it easy. Automate your workflows and seamlessly embed AIS-based insights into your solutions.

Pléiades Neo

Pléiades Neo is a cutting-edge constellation with 30cm native resolution and rapid tasking capabilities, designed for twice-daily revisit anywhere on Earth. UP42 console and APIs offer multiple options to order both archive and tasked imagery for your specific AOI.


Pléiades 1A/1B are very high-resolution twin satellites offering 0.5m resolution products. The constellation is highly reactive and has been designed for daily revisit anywhere on Earth, with stereo and tri-stereo capacity.

SPOT 6/7

SPOT 6/7 are high-resolution twin satellites offering 1.5m resolution products. They can cover large areas in a single pass up to 100,000km². They are specifically designed to cover nationwide areas within a season.

Pan-sharpening SPOT/Pléiades

Pan-sharpening SPOT/Pléiades is a processing block that converts a DIMAP file into the GeoTIFF format and upsamples it to the resolution of the panchromatic band. Output images are geo-referenced GeoTIFFs with RGB and NIR bands in the same resolution.

Super-resolution Pléiades/SPOT

Super-resolution Pléiades/SPOT quadruples the image resolution of Pléiades and SPOT satellite imagery to increase the performance of object detection algorithms.

About Satellite Imagery

Imagery satellites provide different types of resolutions, revisit rates and carry different information. Some have lower resolutions but cover large areas with daily revisits while other offer very high-resolution resolution images from specific locations. The data can also be full RGB bands as well as black and white images or non-visible bands.

Very high-resolution satellites usually cover less than 1m per pixel. Their level of detail makes them suitable to apply algorithms to monitor changes, detect objects, or spot trends. They are very useful to track human activities as well as remote natural areas.

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