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Ship detection


An algorithm that detects ships in SPOT display imagery using object detection. The algorithm is best suited to detect medium and large ships larger than 26 m, but can also detect smaller ships in clear imagery. Ship detection can be used for maritime surveillance, port and harbor management, and fishing activity detection.

Technical information

SourceSPOT tasking or catalog collections
Compatibility- The STAC item should be a SPOT image of the display radiometric processing level
- The STAC item should have been added to storage in 2023 or later
Required parameters- Console: If your chosen input data meets the above specifications you will be able to run your job
- API: You will need to input an Output title and the Input data
Output data formatGeoJSON file: with polygons drawn around detected ships
OutputThe result will be added to your account as a STAC item in a new STAC collection. You can retrieve the resulting data in one of the following ways:
- Open the console, go to Data managementJobs
- Retrieve the results via the API

Algorithm performance and training data

This algorithm is based on machine learning. It is a blended version from Airbus-specific research and the results from a Kaggle competition launched in 2018. It is considered to work very well for medium & large ships (>26m) at sea. For smaller ships, the results will depend significantly from the quality of the image and the complexity of the scene.

The algorithm has been tested on various images including difficult images (i.e. with clouds and waves).

Further information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation.

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