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Capella Space SICD


Capella’s satellites offer high-quality, very high resolution (VHR) SAR imagery. Range-compressed and focused single-look SAR image presented slant range SAR geometry in SICD format. It is recommended for advanced users for all types of analysis. It requires geometric and radiometric adjustment. The data format ensures better compatibility with specific processing software.

Technical information

ResolutionVery high resolution (0.5 - 1.2 m)
PolarizationSingle HH
Single VV
Acquisition modesSpotLight (Spot)
Sliding Spotlight (Site)
StripMap (Strip)
Spectral bandsX-band (9.4 GHz to 9.9 GHz)
AOI revisit rateIntra-day revisit rate (average of 5 hours)

Further information

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