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Landsat 8


Free low resolution 30 m optical and thermal satellite data, acquired worldwide. The collection contains data from 2013 to the present.

Technical information

ResolutionMultispectral: from 30 to 100 m (low)
ConstellationOperational Land Imager: captures imagery in the visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared portions of the spectrum
Thermal Infrared Sensor: captures heat data in the thermal infrared range
Spectral band 30 mBand 1: 435–451 nm (coastal aerosol)
Band 2: 452–512 nm (blue)
Band 3: 533–590 nm (green)
Band 4: 636–673 nm (red)
Band 5: 851–879 nm (near-infrared)
Band 6: 1566–1651 nm (short-wave infrared)
Band 7: 2107–2294 nm (short-wave infrared)
Spectral band 100 mBand 10: 10600–11190 nm (thermal infrared)
Acquisition modeMono
Processing levelLevel-2SP: radiometrically calibrated and orthorectified
Bit depth per pixel16-bit
Standard deliveryA ZIP file containing the following files:
Data (GeoTIFF)
Metadata (XML)
Thumbnails (JPEG)
Coefficients (TXT)
Scene size185×180 km
Revisit frequencyEvery 16 days
Catalog data availabilityFrom 2013

Further information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation.

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