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NEXTMap 6 Bundle


A combined Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM) 3D datasets by Intermap. It provides seamless data at a 6-meter resolution, enabling precise spatial analysis. The DTM describes elevations of bare earth, with surface features such as buildings, vegetation, and other infrastructure removed. The DSM contains elevations of natural terrain, including vegetation and constructed features, such as buildings and roads. The collection is available in the eastern part of Europe and over large cities globally.

Technical information

Resolution6 m
Vertical accuracyup to 1.6 m LE90
Horizontal accuracy3.5 m (CE90)
CoverageDSM Download GeoJSON
DTM Download GeoJSON
Minimum AOINone
Maximum AOI250 sqkm
Volume discountsVolume discounts apply for areas larger than 10,000 sqkm

Coverage map

Further information

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