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High resolution 80 cm optical satellite imagery, acquired worldwide. The collection contains data from 2016 to the present.

Technical information

ResolutionPanchromatic: 80 cm (high)
Multispectral: 3.20 m (medium)
Bit depth per pixel8‑bit
Standard deliveryA ZIP file containing the following files:
- Data: GeoTIFF
- Metadata (XML, TXT)
- Visuals (GeoTIFF)
- Thumbnails (JPEG, PNG)
Processing levelsPrimary: Level 1 with RPC
Georectified: Level 2A
Orthorectified: Level 4 and Level 4A
Acquisition typeMono
Incidence angleUp to 45°
Spectral bandsPanchromatic: 450–650 nm
440–510 nm (blue)
510–590 nm (green)
600–670 nm (red)
760–910 nm (near-infrared)
Spectral bands combinationBundle: panchromatic and 4-band multispectral (RGB and NIR))
Revisit rateDaily
Catalog refresh rateDaily
Swath width23.8 km
Catalog availabilityFrom 2016
Minimum AOI5 km2
Minimum charge3,000 credits

Further information

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