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Beijing-3N tasking


Very high resolution 30 cm optical satellite imagery, acquired worldwide with a revisit rate of 5 days.

Technical information

Spatial resolutionPanchromatic: Very high resolution (30 cm)
Multispectral: High resolution (1.20 m)
Sensor typeOptical
Processing levelLevel 1: not projected, radiometrically and sensor corrected, with RPC
Level 2: projected, radiometrically and sensor corrected, without RPC
Spectral bandsPanchromatic 450–900 nm

Blue 450–520 nm
Green 520–590 nm
Red 630–690 nm
Near-infrared 770–890 nm
Spectral bands combinationBundle: panchromatic and 4-band multispectral (RGB and NIR)
3-band: pansharpened natural color (RGB)
3-band: pansharpened false color (RG and NIR)
4-band: pansharpened (RGB and NIR)
Acquisition modeMono
Standard deliveryA ZIP file containing the following files:

Data (GeoTIFF)
Metadata (XML, TXT)
Masks (SHP)
Visuals (GeoTIFF)
Thumbnails (JPEG, PNG)
Revisit frequencyFrom 1 to 5 days
Swath width11.5 km
Georeferencing accuracy< 10 m CE90
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Minimum AOI100km2

Further information

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