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Capella Space Tasking


A constellation of X-band SAR satellites delivering very high revisit and very high resolution data. Understand relevant changes and timely pattern-of-life analyses from Capella’s very high resolution SAR imagery. Capella’s enhanced image quality provides an exceptional contrast and sharpness while their extensive constellation enables rapid revisit and timely monitoring. Great for change detection and verification due to very high resolution, weather independent data capture, disaster response, maritime awareness, land resource management, and more.

Technical Information

Resolution0.5m - 1.2m
PolarizationSingle-Pol HH and Single-Pol VV
Acquisition typeSpotLight
Sliding SpotLight
Processing levelSLC
Spectral bandsX-band at 9.4 to 9.9 GHz
Scene sizeFrom 5km x 5-20km
Revisit rate5 hour (average)

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