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Globhe tasking


With 9500+ local professional drone operators in 142 countries, Globhe provides access to the world’s largest drone data marketplace. Globhe enables you to get high-quality drone data quickly and at scale, delivered in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Technical information

Sensor typeRGB/Optical
Resolutionup to 1 cm
Data deliverables2D Orthomosaic maps
3D maps and point clouds
Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
Digital Surface Models (DSM)
Topographic map
Source files (RAW files)
360° panoramas
Data formatGeotagged JPEG (images)
GeoTIFF (Orthomosaics, NDVI maps)
Spectral bandsRed
Red edge
Bit depth per pixel8-bit, 16-bit
Geogprahic coverageGlobal
Minimum AOI order size1 km2

Order archive data or task a satellite

Whether you are looking for archive data or want to task a satellite, we have a wide range of data available on the UP42 platform.

Share a few details about your requirements to get started, our team will be in touch shortly.