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GÖKTÜRK-1 tasking


Very high resolution 50 cm optical satellite imagery, acquired worldwide with a revisit rate of 2 to 3 days.

Technical information

ResolutionPanchromatic: 50 cm (very high)
Multispectral: 2 m (high)
Acquisition typeMono, Stereo, Tri-stereo
Spectral bandsPan: 450-845 nm
Blue: 435-554 nm
Green: 493-607 nm
Red: 606-717 nm
Near-infrared: 691-933 nm
Pixel coding12 bits per pixel
Image levelsLevel 0: Raw Image
Level 1: Radiometrically corrected image (Detector errors, noise and blur removed image)
Level 2A: Geometrically corrected image (Image created by removing the errors caused by the tilt and orientation of the world ellipsoid model)
Level 2B: The image obtained by georectifying the L2A level image (Projected to the determined ellipsoid model)
Level 3A: Orthophoto image
Level 3B: Orthophoto image produced using Ground Control Point(s) (GCP)
Level 4: Digital elevation model created from stereo image pairs
Level 5: Mosaic image
Level 6: Classified image
Reoferencing accuracyHorizontal (CE90): without using GCPs <10 m
Horizontal (CE90): with using GCPs <2 m
Vertical (LE90): without using GCPs <20 m
Vertical (LE90): with using GCPs <3 m
Revisit rateWith +/- 45° viewing angle: 2 days and better above 30° latitude
With +/- 30° viewing angle: 3 days and better above 40° latitude
Swath width15 km
Minimum AOI75 km2
Minimum width5 km

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