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ICEYE tasking


Very high resolution 50 cm SAR satellite imagery, acquired worldwide with a daily revisit rate.

Technical information

Azimuth resolutionSpot Fine: 50 cm (very high)
Spot: 1 m (high)
Spot Extended Area: 1 m (high)
Strip: 3 m (medium)
Scan: 15 m (low)
Ground range resolutionSpot Fine: from 43 cm to 73 cm (very high)
Spot: from 90 cm to 1.50 m (high)
Spot Extended Area: from 90 cm to 1.50 m (high)
Strip: up to 3 m (medium)
Scan: up to 15 m (low)
Acquisition modesSpot
Spot Extended Area (SLEA)
Processing levelSLC
Spectral bandsX band at 9.65 GHz
Scene size5x5 km to 100x100 km
AOI revisit rateUp to 24 hours

Further information

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