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Pléiades Neo Tasking


The Pléiades Neo quadruplets are state-of-the-art optical satellites delivering 0.3m Ortho products as a standard. Phased on the same orbit, in quadrature, with an optimised and smart-tasking system, added to a laser communication link to the geostationary telecommunications satellites SpaceDataHighway (also known as European Data Relay Service, EDRS), and an improved weather forecast, they will provide the highest quality images with unprecedented reactivity. Minimum order size is 100 km2.

Technical Information

Resolution30cm PAN and 1.2m MS
Acquisition typeMono (multistrip), Single-pass stereo, and Tri-stereo
Processing levelPrimary, Projected, or Ortho
Spectral bandsRGB, NIR, Red Edge, and Deep Blue
Pixel coding12-bit native
Minimum AOI100km2 for tasking
Minimum corridor size5km
Revisit rateTwice-daily globally (46° off-Nadir)
Daily globally (30° off-Nadir)

Further information

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