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Umbra tasking


Very high resolution 25 cm SAR satellite imagery, acquired worldwide with a revisit rate of 4 days.

Technical information

Azimuth resolution25 cm
35 cm
50 cm
1 m
Ground range resolutionFrom 25 cm to 1 m
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Imaging modeSpotlight
Incidence angleFrom 10° to 75°
Slant range resolutionFrom 35 cm to 1 m
OrbitSun-synchronous, at 450–600 km
PolarizationVV, HH
Revisit rate4 times a day
Swath width4 km
Frequency bandX-band: 9.8 GHz
Data productsCPHD, SICD, SIDD, GEC
Output5×5 km scene

Further information

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