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Umbra tasking


Umbra satellites generate very high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, up to 25 cm resolution. SAR can capture images at night, through cloud cover, smoke, and rain.

Technical information

Spatial resolution25 cm
35 cm
50 cm
1 m
Acquisition modeSpotlight
PolarizationVV, HH
Spectral bandX-band
Scene size4x4 km
Acquisition lengthSingle look, 2x, and 4x multi-look
Grazing angle20° - 70° (either side)
Squint angle45 – 135°, 225° - 315°
Revisit ratePolar orbit, 96 minute orbits
Data productsCPHD, SICD, SIDD, GeoTIFF

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