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Cloud-native asset model


The cloud-native asset model (CNAM) enhances all UP42 assets from a tasking or catalog order by transforming them into individual geospatial features that are ready for immediate download. Regardless of provider or delivery format, UP42 automatically transforms assets into a standard model, without any additional steps. This common model is further improved by converting raster data into cloud-optimized GeoTIFFs and vector masks into GeoJSONs. CNAM ensures interoperability and eases integration by removing the need to learn different data formats, delivery structures, and naming conventions. Users now have a simplified process of searching, visualizing, and downloading data.

Technical information

SourceAll order deliveries are automatically transformed
CompatibilityA broad range of geospatial collections are supported. See a list of supported collections here
File type- All files are tagged with a comprehensive role system across providers. To learn more about these roles, see STAC assets
- Any raster data -> transformed into cloud-native data formats (e.g. COG)
- Any vector mask -> transformed into GeoJSON
Output- You can access the original delivery as well as all the transformed individual files, linked with each other through STAC collections and items
- Each file has helpful metadata linked to improve searchability
AvailabilityCNAM is available for assets added to storage starting in 2023

How to access your files

  1. Open the console and go to Data management.
  2. To find assets ordered by other account users, click My account. Otherwise, stay in My workspace.
  3. Select an asset.
  4. Go to Scene list and select a scene.
  5. Click Download in the line of a chosen file.

An example

CNAM pansharpened

Further information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation. If you have questions, please reach out to UP42 support ([email protected]) any any time.

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