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Pansharpening is an image fusion technique that merges high resolution panchromatic images with lower-resolution multispectral images to yield a single high spatial and high spectral resolution image. With UP42, you can easily convert your data into a pansharpened product through a streamlined process that requires only a few clear steps.

Technical information

SourceOptical tasking or catalog collections (satellite and aerial)
Compatibility- Must be CNAM-compatible
- Delivery must have both a panchromatic and a multispectral band
Required parameters- Console: If your chosen input data meets the above specifications you will be able to run your job
- API: You will need to input an Output title and the Input data
Optional parameters (API only for now)- Grey weights: You can specify the weights for multispectral bands or use automatically optimized weights by not defining them. Depending on the scene, the algorithm either uses sensor-optimized weights or, if this data is not available, generates new optimal weights.
OutputThe pansharpened result will be added to your account as a STAC item in a new STAC collection. You can retrieve the resulting data in one of the following ways:
- Open the console, go to Data managementJobs
- Retrieve the results via the API

An example

Pansharpening GIF
Pléiades, Airbus, original image -> Pléiades, Airbus, pansharpened

Further information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation.

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