Pay as you grow

Our pricing is transparent and flexible so you can scale at your pace. All packages include 10,000 free credits.


10,000 credits


50,000 credits

5% extra


262,000 credits

10% extra


1,100,000 credits

volume bonus

Volume bonuses

As you purchase bigger credit packages, you’ll automatically get 5% and 10% extra credits on top of your purchased package.

free credits

Free credits

Start for free. Sign up and build with 10,000 free credits without getting stalled by contracts or planning.

simple pricing

Simple pricing

You only pay for what you use. How much you spend depends on resolution and the size of your area of interest.

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Pick and choose from a variety of satellite data sources. Whether it’s radar, optical, or daily coverage. Every data source has its own credit cost per km2, tile or MB listed upfront.



Select and apply ready-to-use processing algorithms to extract useful insights from data. Every processing block has its own cost and capability. Wind turbine detection, car detection, ship detection, and more.



Storage space and CPU usage is used to power your data & processing. Our flexible infrastructure means you pay based on demand and usage.

Example pricing

Watershed for 18 Million People Under Attack

Simularity created a workflow to monitor changes within a 0.44km² area of the Mount Balagbag watershed region. They accessed satellite imagery and analyzed it quickly and simply. What would normally be resource intensive and time consuming, took a matter of minutes with UP42.

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