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Use Case

Detect Encroachment

Use UP42 to proactively monitor areas and automatically detect encroachment. Assess risk and prevent losses to assets by increasing your situational awareness.


UP42 enables encroachment to be detected

Mechanical damage incurred from unauthorized third party activities remains a leading cause of onshore oil and gas pipeline failure—indicating the need for effective strategies to monitor encroachment over extensive sections of pipeline right-of-way (RoW).

UP42 enables encroachment to be detected and insights to be gathered on the rate of development, size of encroachment, and projected costs and risks. We offer near real time Earth observation data, off-the-shelf algorithms, and powerful infrastructure to detect and mitigate encroachment for all of your areas of interest (AOIs).

Encroachment ranges from the violation of tenure rights in protected public or private lands to settlement growth near powerlines, railways, roads and other critical infrastructure. In all these cases, encroachment can increase hazard vulnerability, worsen socio-economic disparity, and lead to conflict and environmental degradation.

Why choose UP42?

Optimize data use and save resources

Optimize data use and save resources

Turn to UP42 for cost savings and pay-as-you-use capabilities as well as speed, flexibility, and scalability. Choose from a variety of datasets to find the resolution to need to detect encroachment. Only pay for what you use with our AOI-selection capabilities and flexible pricing.

Draw timely insights and easily automate workflows

Draw timely insights and easily automate workflows

Automatically identify new construction within your AOI. Access a wide variety of encroachment algorithms and easily automate your workflows via your project API key.

Get the right data at the right time

Get the right data at the right time

When you suspect encroachment around your assets, ensure you have the freshest data by accessing tasking services with ease from the UP42 marketplace.


Solve important problems by detecting encroachment

  • 10%

    Informal settlements

    The overall number of people residing in informal settlements globally estimated to be increasing by 10% each year.

  • 30-50%

    Total population

    In some capital cities, informal settlements are home to 30-50% of the total population (e.g. Tirana, Belgrade).

  • 20%

    Widen differences

    The UNECE estimates having only 20% of the population in informal settlements can significantly widen the economic, social, and spatial differences as well as complicate or stagnate spatial planning.

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