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Use cases

Precision Agriculture

Enhance farming efficiency and increase sustainability through targeted management of agricultural land.


Use real-time, reliable information for crop insights

Agriculture is comprised of complex interdependent processes. In order to maximize yield and sustainability, resources should be organized efficiently. In contrast to conventional agricultural methods, the use of digital data can increase resource and cost efficiency drastically. Farmers that use real-time, reliable information on crop health have a competitive advantage.

Optical imagery can provide invaluable insights into crop growth and development. In other cases with high cloud cover, radar monitoring can be used. Accessing this technology with UP42 enables targeted application of fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation—advancing agriculture both economically and ecologically.

Why choose UP42?

Easily automate workflows and draw timely insights

Easily automate workflows and draw timely insights

Turn to UP42 to easily automate workflows for fertilizer or water application assessment. Know where and when crops are under-performing, map yields, reduce waste and excess use.

Access a variety of datasets and off-the-shelf algorithms

Access a variety of datasets and off-the-shelf algorithms

Choose from a number of datasets to get the resolution you need and access a wide variety of precision agriculture algorithms. Only pay for what you use with our AOI-selection capabilities.

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Gain valuable insights into crop growth and development

  • 30%

    Value created

    In 2015, 30% percent of all value created with agricultural machinery worldwide came from advances in precision agriculture.

  • 2x

    Global food demand

    The global demand for food is expected to double by 2050 because of population growth, dietary change, and bioenergy use.

  • $10


    By 2024, the global precision agriculture market is expected to reach $10 billion.

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