Esri ArcGIS Pro Add-in

Acquire the remote sensing data you need directly from ArcGIS Pro

Instantly connect your ArcGIS Pro account with UP42's platform.

Solve your data access and management challenges

Acquiring the data needed for a project from multiple providers can be a difficult process. By connecting UP42 and Esri, you can discover imagery from the world's leading providers. Search for, order, and analyze imagery, all through a single touchpoint.

A single touchpoint for data

A single touchpoint for data

From optical to elevation, explore diverse, high-quality archive data tailored to support your every need without leaving your ArcGIS environment.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

Get instant price estimates early in your buying process, and benefit from volume discounts and custom pricing for larger projects.

Support infrastructure

Support infrastructure

Receive expert technical support, benefit from clear documentation, as well as comprehensive onboarding and personalized training.

Easy data discovery and ordering

Open UP42 catalog within ArcGIS Pro, draw the AOI that you are looking for, search for imagery based on your needs, place an order and access it from storage. All within a single solution.


Image previews simplify large orders

Looking for archive imagery covering a large area? Use image previews feature to create a mosaic of the available imagery to fill the area you are looking for, without placing orders.


Data sharing across your organization

The downloaded imagery can be immediately added to your existing basemaps. Once you analyze this asset based on your requirements, you can share it across your organization using ArcGIS Online.


Download the add-in to get started