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Vegetation Management with UP42

Building a Modern Vegetation Management Solution - The Story of LiveEO

Learn about satellite-based vegetation management

How do you build an effective vegetation management solution for utility providers while they try to anticipate and prepare for extreme weather events?

LiveEO has been tackling this challenge for some time now. By combining high-quality satellite imagery with AI-powered risk assessment analytics, they’ve built a fully automated utility vegetation management solution that serves some of the biggest utility providers like E.ON with real-time insights.

Join us for a webinar to learn more about:

  1. Challenges of data acquisition in utility vegetation management
  2. Setting up the right analytics infrastructure for your business
  3. How to identify and validate the ideal data sources for your solution


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Learn More About Satellite-Based Vegetation Management

Satellite-Powered Utility Vegetation Management with AiDash

AiDash uses UP42 to transform vegetation management for a Fortune 500 power utility company, leveraging DSM and stereo satellite imagery to ensure vegetation does not encroach on transmission lines.

Detecting Tree Height With LiveEO

LiveEO uses UP42 to provide accurate tree height measurements that have a real-world impact when analyzing vegetation encroachment and fallen tree risk near railway tracks.

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