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UP42 for geospatial teams

High-quality data with minimal ordering challenges

While you were away, we added new partners and made it easier to order & manage geospatial data. Here's a recap.


UP42's geospatial platform offers a single touchpoint to order optical, SAR, aerial, and elevation imagery.

From construction planning to ensuring compliance, our customers leverage UP42 data to use them in various parts of engineering and construction projects. When existing archive imagery is not feasible, we help you order new imagery with our innovative satellite tasking platform.


New partners and minimal AOI restrictions

We’ve added more diversity to our marketplace with drone data from Globhe, aerial & elevation data from Vexcel, and thermal data from Orora Tech. You'll get the most flexible minimum AOI conditions for ordering—order imagery for AOIs starting from just 0.1 km2 in size, from leading data providers like Airbus, Vexcel, BlackSky and more through our platform.

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STAC-powered data management

Drowning in data management complexity? Our STAC-powered solution stores all your data from different providers in one place, with custom tags and titles. Plus, streamline your workflow by automating imagery access through API endpoints. Focus on uncovering insights, not managing data chaos—let UP42 handle the rest.

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New-look tasking for easier ordering

No more unnecessary complexity. UP42 tasking delivers upfront details, ensures your area of interest is covered, and provides instant pricing with no more guesswork. Explore data with ease, see costs upfront, and track your orders seamlessly. Let UP42 simplify your tasking operations.

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