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Pléiades Display (Streaming)

Pléiades imagery in GeoTIFF format. Pan-sharpened RGB and panchromatic (0.5 m) bands.


Pléiades 1A/1B are very-high resolution twin satellites offering 0.5m resolution products. The constellation is highly reactive and has been designed for daily revisit anywhere on Earth, with stereo and tri-stereo capacity.

This block provides AOI-clipped versions of the imagery from the Pléiades sensor. The output image contains all web Mercator tiles intersecting or covering the input AOI (depending on the geometric filter used) in a resolution defined by the used zoom level (see this link for the definition of zoom levels).

The available output bands of the Pléiades block are: red, green, blue, and panchromatic (current Streaming version does not support NIR). The default behaviour is to only deliver RGB, the panchromatic band needs to be requested using a query parameter.

Note: This is a Visual imagery product that returns 3 bands (RGB) with 8 bits. Many analytics blocks cannot process the output of this block directly but need it to be pre-processed using the Raster Tiling (UP42) block. Please check the corresponding block descriptions.

Technical information

Archive date / refresh frequencyArchives available starting from 2016, and from 2013 over the main urban areas. Yearly acquisitions over the +300.000 inhabitants urban areas. All 0.5m resolution images acquired every day by Airbus worldwide (with 30° incidence angle, max. 15% cloud cover in Regular Area, and max. 25% cloud cover in Difficult Area).
Frequency bandsPanchromatic: 0.470-0.830 µm / Blue: 0.430-0.550 µm / Green: 0.500-0.620 µm / Red: 0.590-0.710 µm
ResolutionPanchromatic: 0.5m / Multispectral: 0.5m / Swath: 20km at nadir
Processing levelOrtho Bundle 8 bits Display GeoTIFF (Level3)
Data formatGeoTIFF format

Use cases

For more information about potential use cases, see the use cases gallery.


Internal Use: For customers who are using this block to perform their daily operations, and keep the dataset and all derivatives for internal use only.

Streaming vs. Download: This block is a Streaming block which does not allow downloading or storing the original images, only the analytics results. This page describes the differences in more detail.

More information

For more information, please visit the technical documentation.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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