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Sentinel-2 Level 2 (GeoTIFF)

Provides Sentinel-2 imagery in GeoTIFF format.


Sentinel-2 Level 2 (GeoTIFF) provides atmospherically corrected Sentinel-2 data (L2A pre-processing or BOA). Sentinel 2 is a multi-spectral imaging mission, capturing visual, infrared and SWIR information. All Sentinel-2 data are available from the start of L2A processing, which is March 2017 for Europe and December 2018 globally. The data block provides an ability to get data for a chosen area of interest, either clipped per bounding box or custom geometry. The part of the image that does not intersect with these tiles will be black. The block outputs a single GeoTIFF file and will store the AOI within the output feature geometry.

Note: This is a Visual imagery product that returns multispectral bands with 8 bits. Please check the corresponding block descriptions if they explicitly state that they can handle this type of data.

Band CategorySpatial ResolutionRevisit
Visible (4)10 m5 days
Near-Infrared (6)20 m5 days
Short-wave IR (3)60 m5 days
B0160 mCoastal aerosol, 442.7 nm (S2A), 442.2 nm (S2B)
B0210 mBlue, 492.4 nm (S2A), 492.1 nm (S2B)
B0310 mGreen, 559.8 nm (S2A), 559.0 nm (S2B)
B0410 mRed, 664.6 nm (S2A), 664.9 nm (S2B)
B0520 mVegetation red edge, 704.1 nm (S2A), 703.8 nm (S2B)
B0620 mVegetation red edge, 740.5 nm (S2A), 739.1 nm (S2B)
B0710 mVegetation red edge, 782.8 nm (S2A), 779.7 nm (S2B)
B0810 mNIR, 832.8 nm (S2A), 832.9 nm (S2B)
B8A20 mNarrow NIR, 864.7 nm (S2A), 864.0 nm (S2B)
B0960 mWater vapour, 945.1 nm (S2A), 943.2 nm (S2B)
B1060 mSWIR – Cirrus, 1373.5 nm (S2A), 1376.9 nm (S2B)
B1120 mSWIR, 1613.7 nm (S2A), 442.2 nm (S2B)
B1220 mSWIR, 2202.4 nm (S2A), 442.2 nm (S2B)
AOT10 mAerosol Optical Thickness, based on Sen2Cor processor
SCL10 mScene classification data, based on Sen2Cor processor
SNW20 mSnow probability, based on Sen2Cor processor
CLD20 mCloud probability, based on Sen2Cor processor
sunAzimuthAngles5000 mSun azimuth angle (degrees)
sunZenithAngles5000 mSun zenith angle (degrees)
viewAzimuthMean5000 mViewing azimuth angle (degrees)
viewZenithMean5000 mViewing zenith angle (degrees)

Output Area

Please note that the block outputs tiles that cover the input AOI, which results in larger areas to process for the following processing blocks.

More information

For more information about this data, please see the block’s documentation or check the provider website.


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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