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Sentinel-5P (NetCDF)

Provides Sentinel-5P Full Scenes data in NetCDF format.


Sentinel-5P (NetCDF) provides full scenes of all Sentinel-5 Precursor products in the original NetCDF data format (20 products). The Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission measures e.g. Ozone, NO_2, SO_2, Formaldehyde, Aerosol, Carbonmonoxide, Methane, Clouds to support applications and research in the fields of climate, air quality and ozone. The data product can be specified by setting the ‘imagery_layer’ parameter in the block configuration.

Technical information

L2__AER_AIUV Aerosol Index
L2__CLOUD_Cloud fraction, albedo, top pressure
L2__CO____Carbon Monoxide (CO) total column
L2__NO2___Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), total and tropospheric columns
L2__O3____Ozone (O3) total column
L2__SO2___Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) total column
L2__HCHO__Formaldehyde (HCHO) total column
L2__CH4___Methane (CH4) total column
L2__AER_LHAerosol Layer Height (mid-level pressure)
L1B_RA_BD1UV, 270 - 300nm, Radiance product band 1
L1B_RA_BD2UV, 300 - 320nm, Radiance product band 2
L1B_RA_BD3UVIS, 320 - 405nm, Radiance product band 3
L1B_RA_BD4UVIS, 405 - 500nm, Radiance product band 4
L1B_RA_BD5NIR, 675 - 725nm, Radiance product band 5
L1B_RA_BD6NIR, 725 - 775nm, Radiance product band 6
L1B_RA_BD7SWIR, 2305-2345nm, Radiance product band 7
L1B_RA_BD8SWIR, 2345-2385nm, Radiance product band 8
L2__NP_BD3Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 3
L2__NP_BD6Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 6
L2__NP_BD7Cloud from SUOMI-NPP Mission at TROPOMI Field-of-view – band 7

Data Archive

Archive date / refresh frequency: Rolling archive is 9 months. Archives available from mission start on request. Archive warmup functionality will be released in H1 '2.

More information

For more information about this data, please see the block’s documentation or check the provider website.

This block can be used for Level-3 Processor Sentinel-5P


To know more please check the block capabilities specifications.

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