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ASTERRA soil insights


ASTERRA provides subsurface soil moisture insights for diverse sectors, including water utilities, government agencies, engineering firms, and infrastructure companies. It leverages L-Band SAR data, patented algorithms, and artificial intelligence to detect leaks, assess pipes, and locate moisture near major installations. SAR images from L-band satellites have longer wavelengths (about 23 cm) compared to C- and X-band. They can penetrate the soil, ice, and even infrastructure deeper to provide subsurface information that is not possible with other remote sensing technologies.

Technical information

ProductSoil moisture analytics
Sensor typeL-Band SAR
Geospatial accuracy6 m resolution
Geometry file formatGeoJSON, kmz, kml, shp
Delivery formatGeoTIFF
Minimum AOI size3 km2
Geographic coverageSee coverage map

ASTERRA coverage

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