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GEOSAT 1 is a medium resolution (up to 20 m resolution) multispectral optical satellite, fully owned and operated by GEOSAT. The GEOSAT 1 end-to-end system has been designed to provide a cost-effective yet highly responsive service to customers worldwide.

Technical information

ResolutionL1R (non-ortho) Multispectral: 22 m
L1T (ortho) Multispectral: 20 m
Spectral bandsMultispectral: 3-band (NIR+R+G)
Atmospheric Corrected Multispectral: 3-band (NIR+R+G)
Expected color: 3-band (R+G+B)
Sensor typeSLIM-6
Geographic coverageGlobal
Swath600 km
Revisit frequency2–3 days worldwide and 1–2 days at midlatitude
Georeferencing accuracy< 1 pixel, ~10m RMSE (global average, dependent on terrain)
Bit depth8-bit

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