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HotSat-1, 2023 archive


Please note that the satellite is no longer operational, with limited archive data only available. SatVu uses infrared technology to monitor the earth and get new insights using high resolution thermal imagery. The imagery captured by their HotSat-1 constellation helps customers address sustainability challenges by empowering climate action and intelligence.

Technical information

Resolution3.5 m GSD at nadir
6.8 m GSD at 45 degree off nadir
Spectral bandsMWIR: 3700 – 4950nm (Night Time Mode)
MWIR: 4500 – 4950nm (Day Time Mode)
Sensor typeMCT Mid-Thermal IR Frame Camera
Geographic coverageGlobal
Revisit frequencyAt 40° latitude: 1 day (45° max. ONA) to 2 days (30° max ONA)
Geometric accuracy< 30 m CE90
Bit depth16-bit
Imaging modeSingle image mode: 4.5 km x 3.5 km
Scene size4.5 km x 3.5 km
Acquisition windowJune to December 2023

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