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Weather / Ocean Data and Forecasts


Provides historic, current, and forecast data through the Meteomatics Weather API. These datasets are available worldwide starting with 1979. All data are based on the best numerical models, enhanced by downscaling methods and station calibration methodology.

Technical information

Geographic coverageGlobal
Spatial resolutionTo avoid reaching the query limit provided by the Meteomatics Weather API, the spatial resolution (in decimal degrees) for retrieving the time series of a weather parameter will be set based on the AOI size. The minimum resolution is 90 m (0.001 decimal degrees):
0.001 decimal degrees (AOI < 100 km2)
0.01 decimal degrees (AOI 100 - 10000 km2)
0.1 decimal degrees (AOI 10000 - 100000 km2)
1 decimal degree (AOI > 100000 km2)
Dataset typeOptical and radar
Satellite sensorsThe dataset is a satellite composite that merges images acquired by the following geostationary sensors:
Himawari 8
Meteosat 8
Meteosat 11
Meteosat MSG
For more information, see Satellite Imagery.
Revisit frequencysub-hourly
Data availabilityHistorical data: starting with 1979
Forecast data: up until 2100
Global weather forecasting modelmix
File formatNetCDF
Bit depth per pixel64-bit (float)
Coordinate systemEPSG:4326
LimitationsThe AOI must be minimum 0.01 km2

Further information

The Meteomatics API provides a huge variety of climate variables and options. By default, temperatures (Celsius, 2 m above ground), accumulated precipitation (millimeters, every 5 minutes) and instantaneous wind speed (100 m) are supported for this data set. Additional parameters from Standard Weather Parameters can be passed in the query.

This dataset requires bbox to define the AOI. All scenes will be returned that intersect with this box.

Please note: A data point is equivalent to 1 grid point in 1 time step. The block price is independent of the number of requested weather parameters, but depends on the AOI size and time steps (default: 6 hours). The resolution is automatically chosen based on the AOI size.

Terms & conditions

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