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Kleos detects and geolocates radio frequency transmissions from space to improve the identification of hidden and illegal activity. This complementary and cost-effective data can be used to tip and cue existing datasets to enhance intelligence capability, even when traditional GEOINT sources are compromised by weather, distance, or sea-state. Guardian LOCATE is a data set processed to deliver geolocated RF activity. This data product is ready for further analytics by the customer within the GEOINT and data fusion platforms.

Technical Information

Geolocation of RF sourcesProvides frequency, time, latitude and longitude, and ECEF Coordinates of observed signals with accuracy within 300 m depending on conditions
Geolocation technology4 satellite clusters flying in formation
Frequencies coveredVHF (155-165 MHz)
Tunable frequency range
Coming Soon: X-Band (9GHz)
AOI revisit rateDaily
Maximum daily collection capacity253 million km²

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