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Very high resolution 30 cm optical satellite imagery, acquired worldwide. The collection contains data from 2021 to the present.

Technical information

Sensor typeOptical
Resolution30 cm (very high)
Spectral band dataPanchromatic: 450–900 nm
- 450–510 nm (blue)
- 510–580 nm (green)
- 630–690 nm (red)
- 770–900 nm (near-infrared)
Spectral bands combinationsEROS-C2 PAN:
- Panchromatic
- Panchromatic
- 4-band: multispectral (RGB and NIR)
Geographic coverageGlobal
Geometric and radiometric processing level- Level 0A: raw imagery
- Level 1A: radiometrically corrected, not georectified
- Level 1B: radiometrically corrected, georectified
Bit depth per pixel16‑bit
Acquisition modeMono
Incidence angleUp to 45°
OrbitSun-synchronous, at 500 km
Revisit rateDaily
Swath width12.5 km
Catalog availabilityFrom 2021
Minimum AOI size25 km2
Minimum scene size12.5×12.5 km

Further information

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