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PlanetSAT – Imagery Basemap


PlanetSAT Basemap is PlanetObserver's unique global natural color imagery mosaic at 10-meter spatial resolution, primarily processed with the latest Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 source data. A new version of the global basemap is released every year. The product is updated with recent and cloudless 10-meter Sentinel-2 imagery for all major urban areas and many countries across the world. PlanetSAT Basemap is a flexible resource that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of professional applications, such as visualization and simulation solutions, flight simulation and training, flight planning, web mapping platforms, and GIS applications for land planning and infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive source of high-quality satellite imagery that supports users in making informed decisions.

Technical Information

Resolution10 m
Spectral modeNatural colors (RGB)
Mapping scaleDown to 1:50,000, zoom level 14
FormatGeoTiff, JPEG 2000, ECW, COG
ProjectionGeographic WGS84

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