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Regrid Parcel Data


Regrid offers access to property boundaries with all manner of land use, ownership, and property information attached to them. Regrid's dataset of 156+ million parcel boundaries and records covers >99.9% of the US population in a seamless, standardized quilt of property information for use in maps, apps, and spatial analysis.

Technical information

Matched building footprintsBuilding & structure id’s matched to parcel UUID, building centroids, standardized schemas & join table
Matched secondary addressesAll known addresses, every address id pre-joined with parcel UUID and situs address, standardized schemas
Coverage156M+ standardized parcels
3,200+ counties including Puerto Rico & US Territories
>99.9% coverage of US Population
177M+ matched secondary addresses
183M+ matched building footprints
UpdatesRolling monthly updates
Average parcel age147 days old
FormatShapefile, GeoPackage, GeoJSON, CSV, SQL, and Apache Parquet

Terms & conditions

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