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TripleSat Tasking


3-satellite constellation with significant archive, daily revisits, and the wide swaths. Encompassing 3 satellites phased in orbit equally apart from each other, the TripleSat constellation offers daily revisits to any location on the planet and with the widest swaths of any high resolution system. Daily revisits and large footprints combine to make TripleSat an industry-leading high-resolution monitoring and tasking constellation.

Technical Information

Resolution0.8m PAN and 3.2m MS
Acquisition typeMono, large area- 23.8km x 23.8km (1 strips wide, 1×1 scene)
Mono, long strip– 4,000km x 23.8km (1 strip only)
Processing levelBundle (PAN+MS) or Pan-sharpened
Spectral bandsRGB and NIR
Pixel coding8 or 16 bit
Minimum AOI25km2 for archive
100km2 for tasking
Revisit rateDaily (35° off-Nadir or higher)
2 days or less (25° off-Nadir)
3 days or less (15° off-Nadir)

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