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Python SDK could be just what you need to speed up time from conception of a problem to execution of a workflow.

For developers and analysts alike, convenience and familiarity are key to success when it comes to coding. Introducing UP42’s Python Software Development Kit (SDK): a set of programming modules that integrates UP42’s powerful infrastructure for geospatial data & processing workflows with the extensive Python ecosystem. The Python package provides direct access to the UP42 Application Program Interface (API) as well as data visualizations. The API is built to empower customization, automation, and integration into any geospatial workflows.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Configure and run workflows with a familiar coding language (Python)
  • Search for and select available data from the UP42 marketplace
  • Easily combine functionality of UP42 with the Python ecosystem & data stack
  • New environment to create workflows
  • Create iterable processes, combining UP42 data & processing with customizable code for tailored solutions and reporting
  • Visualize your results with ease; works great with Jupyter Notebook!


The up42-py Python package can now be installed via "pip install up42-py". The code repository is available on Github. We’ve also prepared a “30-second example”, with Sentinel-2 data and pan-sharpening, to get you on the fast track to success.

up42-py install

Accessibility is a big factor, and thus we’ve mimicked the hierarchical structure and functionality of the UP42 user interface:

Project > Workflow > Job > JobTask

Note that the Catalog is seperate in structure from Projects and Tasks. The Catalog allows you to do a metadata search, discovering and sorting through available data, in the likeness of the Catalog Search on the UI.

See the quickstart code example below for an impression on how to use up42-py, and check out our guide in the documentation with tutorials, examples, and code references.

Quickstart Python code

Why choose Python?

Python is a natural choice as it is one of the most used and flexible high-level programming languages at the moment. We’ve asked our customers about their code preferences and have found consensus around Python in three factors: functionality, flexibility, and familiarity.

What can you expect from the Python SDK?

With the UP42 Python SDK, we use strict semantic versioning for to ensure our users can easily integrate minor updates and patches. You can learn more about how to develop with us and contribute to the package here. Nonetheless, the UP42 team and our customers are happy with the results as we continuallyy work on integrating new features!

Our customers can expect more fine-grained control over all facets of UP42, from data searches, to processing, and more. It also features interactive maps and plotting functionalities to help with workflow configuration and visualization of your job results! This also makes it a great tool to use in combination with Jupyter Notebook.

up42-py functionality

This is a great leap forward in task-based processing and accessibility for UP42, juxtaposed to our REST API. It is important to us to offer up42-py to our customers as quickly as possible since we know it will make your lives a lot easier.

CLI for Python SDK

Additionally, the Python SDK includes the first version of our dedicated CLI for accessing the API directly via the command line. This complements the current REST API options, which you can find more information about here.

Getting started with Python SDK

Read more here to gather the details you will need to get started with up42-py. Contact our team at [email protected] or open a Github issue if you have any questions or concerns about how to make the most out of Python SDK.

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