Block guidelines


  1. UP42 - An open and neutral marketplace

UP42 is the open platform and marketplace for Earth data and analytics. Our core mission is to democratize access to geospatial data, algorithms and computing infrastructure, making it easy to derive insights from geospatial data at scale. As a neutral marketplace, UP42 allows all partners to make their data and processing blocks publicly available.

  1. General remarks

We take the stability, security and user experience of our platform seriously and expect all of our partners to do so, too. We have therefore established the following guiding principles and requirements that all data and processing providers should comply with in order to protect the integrity of our platform. Failure to comply with these may result in suspension of your blocks from the UP42 platform or other action in accordance with our terms and conditions.

  1. Do not discriminate between users / All users are created equal

Our user and developer community is central to the UP42 platform and every member is as important as the next. Please treat all users, developers and other block providers with fairness, respect and equality.

  1. Data and processing blocks must not interfere with or compromise the security of user data or the broader platform

Data and processing blocks must not contain or propagate any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other programming routines intended to, or that has the effect of damaging any system or data.

  1. All algorithms follow the EU guidelines

Any elements of artificial intelligence, machine learning or other methods of data processing incorporated within a processing block comply with the applicable European guidelines.

  1. Respect the intellectual property and other rights of others

Please ensure that the content of any data or processing block that you make available as docker container via the UP42 platform does not contain any material (e.g. code, data or other information) or other functionality that infringes the intellectual property rights, privacy or other rights of others of third parties. To the extent that data or processing blocks incorporate open source data or code, you must comply with all applicable restrictions and obligations in those licences.


  1. Prior Block Testing on UP42

Processing providers need to test their custom processing blocks on UP42 before they request UP42 to make them publicly available for others to use. By sending a block publishing request, partners confirm that the block is tested in different workflows on UP42. According to the mentioned functionalities of the block in the content description, the block should have been successfully tested with all possible input blocks and 1 possible output block. UP42 performs block validation tests to maintain high quality and reliability standards for its users, but rely on partners to thoroughly test their blocks.

  1. Documentation and job parameters

Partners are expected to provide technical documentation such that users know about all parameters that need and can be set during job configuration. All necessary parameters need to be described in the content description such that it can be used successfully and repeatably on UP42. Send us working job parameters when you request to publish your processing block.

  1. All processing blocks must be functional and stable when they are running a job

When a block is used in a workflow, the block should produce its output as expected. If the block fails to run successfully or no output is produced, the block should fail when running a job. Allowing blocks to fail makes it transparent for users to find out which part of the workflow went wrong.

  1. Assign Block Capabilities based on how you can match your block with others

To make sure that only matching blocks can be connected in a workflow, block capabilities need to be set according to their input and output capabilities (e.g. data format, tile size, bands, etc.). The capabilities are defined in the block’s Manifest file. To update an existing block with new capabilities, a new block version needs to be published with an updated version tag. In that case, send us your block’s registry URL with the incremented version tag.


  1. Marketplace Thumbnail (Image size - 480 x 240px)

Your block thumbnail is one of the first elements of your block that users see, so it’s essential to make a strong first impression that communicates your block’s quality and purpose. Provide something that is simple and recognizable. For example, if you’re providing a data block the thumbnail could be a high quality image sample of the data. If you’re providing a processing block the thumbnail could show a high quality image of the output of the data. If your block cannot be represented with an actual image of the data or processing output, use a simple icon or your company logo placed on top of your brand colour. If using an icon, it should be simple and represent what the block does. Be mindful of the required image size. If you do not clip your thumbnail image to the target size, it will be clipped and not resized to the resolution. Use PNGs or JPEGs and follow as much as possible the Google image optimization checklist.

  1. Block Details Page - Company logo (Size: No smaller than 352px width)

Your company logo will be displayed at the top left of the block details page. Please provide a PNG or JPEG of your logo on white background.

  1. Block Details Page - Carousel / Screenshot images (Image size: No smaller than 1360 x 752px)

Use images to visually communicate your block’s quality and purpose. You can feature an unlimited number of images. If you’re providing a data block the carousel could include high quality image samples of the data. If you’re providing a processing block the carousel could show high quality images of the output of the data (or the original image with predictions).


  1. Block Display Name

Your block’s name plays a critical role in how users discover it in the Marketplace. Choose a simple, memorable name that hints at what your block does. The Block Display Name is set in the Manifest file and should follow the actual capabilities of the block. Avoid names that are too long and/or technical. A block name can be up to 40 characters long. This name should be consistent across all provided documents. Because the name is set in the Manifest, be aware that any typos directly appear in the marketplace.
Examples: - Pléiades Download - Car Detection

  1. Marketplace - Short Summary (1 Sentence)

Your block’s Short Summary sentence on the block card is intended to summarize your block in a concise sentence. Highlight the main features, functionality or uses of your block that resonate with your audience. This sentence can be up to 50-75 characters long and appears below your block’s name on the block card and details page. It should not start with “This block does X…” because it wastes valuable space in the block card. Keep it short and active (e.g. “Transforms raster into vector format.”). This sentence can be defined in the block’s Manifest file.

  1. Correctness and Consistency

All provided content (descriptions, images, etc.) must be correct and consistent. Please only mention facts, functionalities and capabilities of your block that are true.

  1. Spelling and grammar

You should check the text for spelling and grammar mistakes before it is sent to us. The tone of the content description should be professional and suitable to put on the public marketplace.

  1. Carousel / Screenshot Images & Description sentences / Captions

The provided screenshot images illustrate the capabilities of the block and are provided in a png-format. Each screenshot image is accompanied with a single sentence caption that describes it and contains info about the shown data and geographic location.

  1. Tags

Feel free to suggest tags in the Manifest. Tags are used as selectable items in the category filters on the marketplace. UP42 may or may not use these suggested tags depending on the number and choice of other blocks’ suggested tags. We will curate the overall set of tags used by blocks to ensure the best user experience in the marketplace.


In case of any questions, please reach out to [email protected].