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OroraTech is a thermal-infrared data intelligence company that monitors Earth’s temperature continuously on a global scale. The satellite-based camera FOREST-1 is designed to quickly capture thermal-infrared data and transmit critical information to decision-makers on the ground.

Technical information

Spectral bandsMWIR, LWIR1, LWIR2
Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)Thermal Infrared (TIR)
Design: 200 m
Threshold (max): 250 m
Design: 410 km
Threshold (min): 335 km
Orbit540 km Local Time at Descending Node
(LTDN) ~13:00-14:00
Image quality (modulation transfer function at Nyquist)Design: 10%
Threshold: 5%
Acquisition modesScanning, Tasking
Revisit time scanning (NADIR pointing mode only)7 d
Revisit time taskingMinimum at equator: 0.5 d
Maximum at equator: 6.5 d
Average at equator: 1.9 d
Data productsLevel 1 product: Brightness temperature (K)
Data formatGeoTIFF
Minimum AOI sizePriority 2 Tasking: 50,000 km2
Priority 1 Tasking: 200,000 km2
Minimum width100 km
Scene sizeClipped AOI
Max. 400 x 2000 km

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