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Provides MODIS true-color images at processing level 2. These images are acquired by the Terra satellite sensor at a revisit rate of 1-2 days anywhere on the globe.

Technical information

Resolution250 m
Spectral bandsRed - Band 1
Green - Band 4
Blue - Band 3
Acquisition modeMono
Geometric processing levelOrtho
Radiometric processing levelL2 (Corrected reflectance)
Revisit frequencyDaily
Data availabilitySince 2000
File formatGeoTIFF
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Coordinate systemWGS84/Pseudo-Mercator (EPSG:3857)
LimitationsData can’t be queried based on scene ID

Further information

MODIS (GeoTIFF) provides many different layers of MODIS TERRA data based on the Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) from NASA. MODIS data is provided as a global daily coverage, separate scenes are not considered. This means that all geometric filters have essentially the same functionality: the dataset of the corresponding date for the supplied AOI will be provided.

The many data products and imagery layers derived from MODIS observations describe features of the land, oceans and the atmosphere that can be used for studies of processes and trends on local to global scales. Examples of other MODIS derived data are NDVI (rolling 8-day average), MODIS Aqua Corrected Reflectance, and MODIS Terra Corrected Reflectance. For more information about this data and use cases, please see the provider website.

The full list of GIBS available imagery layers can be found here.

For more information about this data and use cases, please see the provider website.

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