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WorldDEM Full Resolution


Provides access to a worldwide, consistent, and high precision Digital Surface Model at 12 m resolution in GeoTIFF format. It is derived from the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites. The data acquisition started in January 2011 and was completed by mid-2015. WorldDEM represents the surface of Earth including buildings, infrastructure and vegetation. This dataset includes hydrological corrections, i.e. flattened water bodies and consistent flow of rivers, as well as shore- and coastline editing.

Technical information

Spatial resolution12 m
Vertical accuracy2 m relative / 2.5 m absolute
Image typeRadar
Acquisition modeBi-static InSAR StripMap mode
Geometric processing levelCorrection of terrain artefacts, such as layover and shadow.
Hydrological correction (editing of water bodies).
Data acquisition period2011 to 2015
Spectral bandX-band
File formatGeoTIFF
Bit depth per pixel32-bit
NoData value-32767
Vertical unitmeters
Coordinate systemHorizontal: WGS84/EPSG:4326
Vertical: EGM2008/EPSG:3855
LimitationsThe AOI must be larger than 0.1 km2
Volume discountsFor orders larger than 2,500 km2, please contact [email protected] for volume discounts.

User registration process and data access

Due to regulations about this data set, a user registration and compliance process is required before access to the data is granted. Access can currently not be provided for individual users. Data usage requires additional partner approval.

Sensitive countries are excluded from downloading the full-resolution product (please contact [email protected] for a release request).

Further information

For more information, please refer to the WorldDEM Technical Product Specification.

Terms & conditions

View the End User License Agreement conditions

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