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UP42 ArcGIS Pro Add-in


The UP42 ArcGIS Pro Add-in is a UI extension that lets ArcGIS Pro users acquire the remote sensing data they need directly from ArcGIS Pro. The add-in will enable ArcGIS Pro users to connect their UP42 and ArcGIS Pro accounts, place orders through the UP42 catalog, and access the downloaded imagery through UP42's data management solution.

Technical information

The UP42 add-in for ArcGIS Pro offers users an easy, intuitive way to simplify and streamline data ordering and visualization. After ordering geospatial imagery from the leading data providers on the UP42 platform, ArcGIS Pro users can leverage this add-in to visualize the data, perform further analyses, and share the results with the relevant stakeholders. The add-in significantly reduces the complexities of geospatial data access, enabling a seamless workflow between UP42 and Esri ecosystems.

If you are an UP42 user, the add-in will allow you to perform the following actions from your ArcGIS Pro account:

  • Open UP42 catalog to search and place orders for geospatial imagery
  • Access all of your downloaded imagery and pending orders within UP42 data management
  • Perform further visualization or analyses on any of the downloaded imagery using ArcGIS Pro capabilities
  • Share the final output with the broader team using ArcGIS Online

Check out UP42 add-in documentation for more information.

Important note: We’re introducing changes to the way processing algorithms are being utilized. Instead of accessing analytics capabilities and their output through Projects, you can now retrieve your analytics output directly in your data management component next to your delivered orders, making it easier to manage and integrate geospatial data for your downstream use case.

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